Pest control services for hotels has been a major challenge in the past few years. They are now faced with a major problems that many might not be able to handle, bed bugs. If your current pest control company is not inspecting all of your rooms on a regular basis, you should be concerned. Experts say it is not whether you have bed bugs, but when will you get them? It is your obligation to get a reliable pest control provider who can handle all your problems and try to catch these issues before they cause you embarrassment. Our technicians are here to make your business pest free. The safety of your staff and guests are our prime concern, which is why we implement an Integrative Pest Management system (IPM). This system enables us to communicate with your staff the areas that need special attention. By taking the time to properly address these issues, we can try to handle your pest control needs with as little chemical as possible.

We would like to talk with you personally and provide you with a thorough inspection and consultation of your facility. You can either call us directly at 630-595-1105 or by contact form. Riteway is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and are Insured.

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