Warehousing / Food Grade

Riteway has established itself as one of the leading pest control companies for warehouse facilities. Many companies rely on our excellent technicians to monitor their warehouses, especially the food grade warehouses. It is important to know what types of chemicals can be used in a warehouse environment and where they can be used safely. Our technicians are trained to handle all your needs especially ones requiring sensitive treatments. All of our warehouses are given a detailed log book that doesn’t leave their facility. This book enables us to notate our thorough findings as well as the solution we implemented to correct your issues.

Our technicians are here to make your lives easier when it comes to pest management. Outdoor rodent monitoring systems are another service we offer that most warehouses are going with. Rodent stations will be placed strategically along the exterior of the building and will be maintained with each visit. This systems allows us to understand what areas of the building need special attention, as well as reducing the amount of rodent activity on the outside of the building. You should feel safe in knowing that our technicians are licensed and insured and consider themselves protectors of the environment.

As always, our pesticides and rodenticides are approved by the E.P.A. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 630-595-1105 or through our contact form.

Remember, there is only one way...the Riteway!